Thursday, April 7, 2016

one night

riding for africycle around lake ontario in a wickedly hot humid summer . . . . years ago . . . riding into upper new york state . . . a long day . . .a hot, hard, draining, tears every which way day . . . we arrive in a dry campground . . . no fresh drinking water. . . . no showers . . . and still, we set up our tents and change into our "best" clothes for dinner with the local rotary club . . .

on the way in the beautiful, the awesome, the genuine dave barber cranks up the tunes as we let the salty sweat and exhaustion settle into us . . . .

i miss dave barber so bad . . . .

get lucky

Sunday, November 29, 2015

This evening

Michael Vanderherberg, Shelley Hermer and Steven Leak sat around a dining table this evening and hammered out the formative details of the 2016 Lap of Lake Ontario . . . .

It is going to be incredible!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

quit stalling . . .

you know that you want to be with us next summer . . .

Thursday, July 23, 2015

And so it begins . . .

Michael Vanderherberg   
The Fearless Instigator of the Ride for Africycle

We're back! 

After one year of dormancy, during which babies were born, people grew older and wiser, and the itch to ride long distances grew unbearable, the Ride for Africycle Beast has returned!

In the Summer of 2016, on August 5th a group of riders will put back steaming mugs of coffee, hug their loved ones and leave the Silver Bean Cafe, located beside Peterborough's beautiful waterfront. They will return to the same lovely spot on August 14th having ridden bicycles all the way around Lake Ontario.

The team will ride through 1100 kilometres of gorgeous scenery, consume vast quantities of amazing food and drink, and most especially enjoy excellent and memorable company as the kilometres roll beneath their wheels.

It is in truth, the ride of a lifetime.

As the name cunningly suggests, this is a Ride for Africycle. Africycle is a worthy organization whose work is focussed on bringing change to the mobility needs of people in Malawi. In riding for Africycle our goal is to raise money to help this project continue to bring goodness into the lives of the people of Malawi.

A link will be provided here shortly if you are interested in supporting this ride with a charitable donation.

If you are interested in acquiring information about participating on this ride then leave a message here.

Check in every so often for updates and exciting action pics of the Team's preparations!